LAMM was founded in 1988 in Tregnago, a small village in Verona’s area, as mechanical and precision laborator for MOMO, an internationally acclaimed company of Tregnago, which developed designed components for Automotive and Motorsport.
In 1998 MOMO was sold and LAMM was still growing by itself as a higly precise mechanical atelier especially active in Automtive and Motorsport, Aviation, Nautical Lighting, Jewelry, Kitchen Components and other strategical fields.
LAMM is higly performative for small and big productions with different metal types, carbon composites, plastic, leather and wood, which required a perfect integration between different materials, special finishing, and quality testing.

Thanks to internal department for design resources, material engeneering, rapid prototyping e modeling, LAMM has the ability to effectively help its customers in different fields of appplication, starting from an engenieering concept and style, to development, production and certification of the needed parts. Most of LAMM products are made to fully satisfy technical and aesthetic functionalities.

LAMM is one of the few mechanical companies with almost all the management lead by women and a percentage of women employees over 30%

LAMM has the following certificates: